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On the 24th March 2011 as Director of the Thomas More Legal Centre I had the privilege of attending the 2011 MARCH FOR LIFE held each year in Washington to "Commemorate" the disgraceful decision in Roe v Wade when the US Supreme Court legalised Abortion accross the United States contrary to laws freely passed by democratically elected legislatures.  It was one of the first and arguably the worst of the decisions by various Courts in the West which runs the danger of replacing the Rule of Law with the Rule of Lawyers.


Despite the cold weather the march attracted some 200,000 people many of whom had travelled long distances to attend.  The vast majority  were lively, intelligent, articulate young people who clearly understood the moral (or should I say immoral ) issues involved in the killing of the unborn.  I took these pictures to give a brief impression of this event which made a deep impression on me. - Neil Addison


People beginning to Arrive

The Washington Monument is in the background




More People Arriving


And More  (NB see the Notice Defund Planned Parenthood)




ByzanTEENS for life

A group of teenagers and young adults

from The Orthodox Church and Eastern Rite Catholic Parishes


More ByzanTEENS Please note their poster

An Icon of The Visitation showing Jesus and John the Baptist

in their Mothers Wombs.  Traditional and Modern at the same time


A group of former Episcopalians (American Anglicans)

Who were joining the new Ordinariate


After listening to the Speeches the Marchers prepare

to March to the Supreme Court  US Capitol in the background


Many had travelled a long way to attend the March

This Group were from Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada


And there was a group from

The Great State of Texas (As all Texans call it)


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